Foot to Hand Workshop

Learn how to foot to hand like a cowboy. Join Ari and Maren for a workshop that focuses on the fundamentals of foot to hand: grip, alignment, entrances and dismounts. Participants will develop their foot to hand technique, and will have the ability to experiment with various skills, foot-to-hand transitions to other poses

Developing strong foot to hand technique allows movement through many flows, washing machines, and pops with grace and fluidity. Focusing on proper technique will help build strength and stability and lay the foundation for hand to hand and other advanced static poses. We will provide progressions for different levels

When: 2:00-4:00PM on Sunday October 9 (come to class and stay for the jam)

Where: Malcolm X Park (Dance Loft is the rain location)

Investment: $30 (please paypal or venmo contact if you have questions!


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