Size Doesn’t Matter: A Basing Course

Flying is great — but that’s only half the fun! Maybe you’ve had more opportunities for flying than basing; or maybe you’re brand new to acro and need to learn the fundamentals of how to put people safely and happily up on your feet. Whatever the case, if you wanna learn to base like a boss, so that you can do #ALLTHEACRO!, this class is for you. Check out the Facebook event page.

The three-class sequence will focus first on basing simple poses with good technique and proper body mechanics; then we’ll move on to techniques for smoothly basing various transitions between these poses. By the final class we’ll be working on putting it all together to develop simple flows, and focusing on some tools, tricks, and tips for basing flyers bigger than yourself. It’s open to all levels, with some exposure to acro yoga helpful but not mandatory.

Class sessions will meet from 6:30 – 8:00pm on Monday 10/17, Monday 10/24 (Wheatfield Yoga, 609 Hawkesbury Terrrace, Silver Spring, Maryland), and Wednesday 11/2 in Silver Spring. On 10/24 we’ll be at Wheatfield Yoga.

Since the classes build on each other, please plan to come to all three if at all possible! Contact organizers if something comes up and you have to miss one, and we’ll try to find a way to get you caught up before the next session.

Investment: $45 for all three classes or $20 per class (paypal to confirm your spot)

Learn the basics of basing – the BASEics, one might say — and automatically double your acro joy. 🙂